Eye Diseases

Eye diseases; They are disorders that develop due to environmental or genetic factors and restrict the ability to see in the eye. Being in unstable environments for a long time, the damage caused by different diseases can cause various eye diseases. Ophthalmology and surgery unit deals with all diseases that occur in the eyelids, eye membrane, tear ducts, lens and nerve tissues surrounding the eye.

In our clinic, in the ophthalmology and surgery unit; Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases are carried out meticulously by our expert team. It is evaluated by computer and manual measurement such as Airpuff and Applanation Tonometers (for measuring eye pressure), Biomicroscope, Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscope.

Cataract is an eye disease that manifests itself with signs such as double vision, blurred vision, deterioration of night vision, and causes a decrease in vision over time. The main cause of cataract is age. Apart from this, cortisones, which are used due to diabetes, diabetes, asthma, rheumatic diseases, may manifest themselves due to steroids. . The only treatment for cataract is surgery, which is applied in a short time with a laser known as phaco among the people.

There are 6 extraocular muscles in our eyes. Due to the lack or excess of strength in these muscles, the two eyes may lose their parallelism with each other, that is, strabismus may occur. Early diagnosis is important in the treatment of strabismus, so it is important not to interrupt routine eye examinations in childhood.

Yellow Spot Disease
Symptoms of macular degeneration can be listed as decreased vision, oblique vision of objects and straight lines, shifts, and inability to match distances. It is recommended that patients with these complaints should be examined by their ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Yellow spot disease usually occurs depending on age. If there is macular degeneration in the family, annual follow-up is recommended in patients aged 50 years and older due to genetic origin.

Glaucoma (eye pressure)

glaucoma; It is a disease caused by increased intraocular pressure. Eye pain and redness, blurred vision, pain in the forehead, headache, nausea are the most common symptoms. If you have these symptoms, you should definitely consult a specialist. Glaucoma is an important health problem that can cause vision loss.

The outward turning of the lower lid of the eye is called ectropium. It is generally seen as a result of weakening of the valve support tissues due to age. Watering, stinging, sensitivity to light and blurred vision are the most common symptoms. It is one of the eye diseases with treatment.