Nose Aesthetics and Nose Diseases

Nose Aesthetics and Nose Diseases
Nose aesthetics, or rhinoplasty, is the name given to surgical operations performed to change the shape of the nose.

Reasons for having rhinoplasty include repairing deformities in an injury, changing the physical appearance of the nose to correct a birth defect, or improving breathing difficulties by improving some breathing difficulties.

In some cases, both respiratory difficulties and physical appearance may be among the reasons behind the choice of rhinoplasty.

The surgeon will clearly explain to the rhinoplasty candidate what rhinoplasty can and cannot gain. After that, he will collect information about nasal congestion, past surgeries and medications used.

In this process, the doctor will examine laboratory tests such as blood tests and the facial features of the rhinoplasty candidate and the inside and outside of the nose.

Photographs of the nose can be taken and images can be manipulated by the surgeon with computer aid to show what results are possible. The rhinoplasty surgeon will also use these photos for before and after evaluations, during surgery and for long-term reviews with reference. It is usually possible to leave the hospital on the same day after nose surgery.